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Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, Waterproof, Shockproof

$59.97 $54.97

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, Waterproof, Shockproof

$59.97 $54.97

Whether you're camping with your family, your friends, or you're just by yourself, this light is the perfect light for you.

Use it in the rain, in the water, in temperatures below 0°F and in tropical locales. It floats, it hangs, it has 5 lighting options and you can charge your phone with it. It even has a red light mode and can last for the whole weekend.

Survives a 5-foot drop on the ground, covered in snow and even a fall in the water. No sand or dirt can damage the Outbright Lantern.

  • Provides plenty of light for all night-time activities under a 30x30 canopy.
  • Attach it to the nylon loop located in most tents. Or place it in the tents attic net and you'll have light in your tent at the click of a button.
  • you'll have enough light to play cards and have a nice evening with your family.
  • It's ideal for nighttime photography thanks tot he red light mode. Useful when you're sleeping and don't want to get blinded by a bright white light.
  • Great light if you're doing nighttime fishing on boats. Works flawlessly for overnight river fishing trips.

And in the middle of a hurricane, with no power for several days, this lantern is perfect. It will provide consistent light every day thanks to its 6000 mAh battery. You'll be able to read books, play board games, get supplies from the garage and many other activities.

The bottom line is... if you spend any amount of time out in the elements at night without electricity, this is a must-have product. Has a solid feel, it's dependable and a real life-saver.

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Model: OBT-CL1R
Dimensions: Height: 7.5"; Diameter: 3.54"
Weight: 1.36 lbs (1.74 lbs with packaging)
Max lumen output: 400 lumens
Intensity: 169 cd
Distance: 26 m / 85 ft (High), 16 m / 52 ft (Medium), 7 m / 23 ft (Low)
Battery: 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
Battery lifespan: (High)400 lumen - 24h; (Medium) 162 lumen - 75h; (Low) 40 lumen - 200 hours
Time to fully charge: 8 hours
LED lights: CREE LEDs (white light), SMD1206 (red light)
Waterproof Rating: IPx6

Inside the box:

1 x CL1R Lantern
1 x Micro 5P USB cable (90cm long)
1 x user manual
1 x power socket adapter
1 x carabiner hook.


A Lantern That Is Worth Every Penny!
This lantern passed every test I put it through...Absolutely a must for anyone needing a very reliable source of light

P. R.


It's Awesome!
I got my new light a couple days ago and it's awesome. I've had it on constant for two days now and it hasn't changed.

Ronnie C.


I am truly impressed!
I am truly impressed with this lantern! I think everyone should have one for emergencies!