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Big Group Camping? Here's How To Make It Fun And Stress-Free!

Posted by Raine Vergara on

Big Group Camping? Here's How To Make It Fun And Stress-Free!

Exploring the great outdoors as a camper is always a great adventure. Add a few family and friends and it's even more rewarding. While more is merrier, the bigger your group is, the bigger the responsibility! Don't worry; there are lots of simple ways to make your trip fun and stress-free!

Big group camping takes more planning and coordination to make sure that everyone will enjoy the trip. It's important that each individual is on the same page as everyone to avoid conflict. After all, you're all spending time outdoors to relax and have fun - and that's what camping is all about!


Choose the right campground for your group

There are some important things to consider when choosing your camping destination.

  • The type of camping you want to do - Are you tent, car or hammock camping? This will determine what type of campground you should be looking for. There are 3 main options - private campground (more expensive but with complete amenities and outdoor activity options), public campground (less expensive but with fewer frills) and dispersed camping (free, but zero amenities, even water).
  • Your camping experience - If you're a group of experienced campers, you can go for cheaper options. But if not, it's ideal to stick to private or public campgrounds.
  • Your itinerary - If you're planning to do outdoor activities, look for a campground that offers what you're looking for. Also, if you plan to build a bonfire and "party" at night, it would be ideal to look for a more secluded camping area.

Note: Make sure that you check the rules and regulations of the your chosen location before packing your bags. There are sites that have capacity restrictions or don't allow campfires or pets.

Make early reservations

It's ideal to book your campground as early as 6 months ahead if possible, especially for big group camping. If the members of your group prefer to make their own reservations, agree to have an end-date set. Everyone should be informed to prepare a cash deposit upon booking.

Delegate the responsibilities among the group

No one person should carry all the weight of making the camping trip possible. It's important that each member contributes to the overall success of the trip. To ensure that everyone is pulling their weight, distribute the tasks by forming groups.

Each group will be responsible for the task they are assigned with throughout the entire trip. You can create teams for:

  • Setting up and Packing up
  • Breakfast Cooks
  • Lunch Cooks
  • Dinner Cooks
  • Cleaning up
  • Building your campfire
  • Facilitating your itinerary

© Eureka! Tents

Plan your meals ahead

It's ideal to have a complete menu for each day of your trip. This will save you a lot of time at the campsite since everything can be prepared at home beforehand. Have everyone suggest meals that they'd like (preferably uncomplicated, no-fuss recipes!), and help out with the preparation and packing. Don't forget drinks and snacks!

You can agree to have a per-person price for all the food that you will be consuming for the entire trip. Collect the money and shop in bulk to get big discounts!

It's also very important to discuss who's bringing what - the stove, cooking gear (pots, pans, cooking utensils, spices etc.), eating gear (plates, spoons and forks, cups, bowls, etc.), garbage bags, etc.

Go for a balanced itinerary

Some members of your group might want to rest and relax, while some are excited for doing outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, swimming, fishing and more. To make sure that everyone has a great time, schedule time for group activities but leave plenty of time unplanned.


Prioritize safety

A complete first-aid kit is a must have for every camper. Download a first-aid app on your phones. Most importantly, know the number and directions to the nearest hospital to your campsite.

Send a reminder to everyone before the trip

Touch base with all the members of your group as the camping trip nears. Send out the address of the campsite (if you're going separately), the timeframe and the itinerary. Remind them about their responsibilities and the essentials they are assigned to bring.

Confirm payment and the number of people who are pushing through, so you can make necessary adjustments in case some people back out at the last minute.


Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying yourself during the trip. Know that some things may not go according to plan but that's part of the experience. As long as everyone does what they're assigned to do, everything should go smoothly!

© Crazy Dames

Remember, the thing that matters most is that you get to spend a wonderful time outdoors with people special to you!

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