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5 Fun Home Activities For Outdoor Lovers During The Quarantine

Posted by Raine Vergara on

5 Fun Home Activities For Outdoor Lovers During The Quarantine

Missing camping, nature and the great outdoors? Don’t worry, we do, too. There’s nothing more sad than being stuck inside for days on end, especially if you love being outside.

But know that it’s for the good of everyone, including yourself and your loved ones. The more people follow the rules, the quicker this pandemic will blow over and we can all go back to normal. And that means, the quicker we can go back out to our happy place – nature!

In the meantime, let’s rest, relax and enjoy the time with our family at home. If you can’t be outdoors, why not bring the outdoors to you?

Here are some enjoyable home activities you can try during this quarantine period when you miss the outdoors:

Go on a virtual tour of US National Parks

© Adafruit Blog

That’s right! You can visit beautiful states such as Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida and Utah without leaving your couch! The Google Arts and Culture has recently launched “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks”, an awesome interactive documentary and virtual exhibit.

It’s 360-degree scenic tour of National Parks that allows you to see and experience the country’s wilderness that a lot of people won’t be able to.

You would probably expect a tour of the Grand Canyon or everyone’s favorite Yosemite National Park, but the developers have chosen equally astonishing but lesser known parks for everyone to explore. This includes the Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Hawaiian Volcanoes, New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns, the Dry Tortugas in Florida and the Bryce Canyon in Utah.

A local ranger is available at each location to give you the tour and provide other relevant information. It’s not a simple walk in the park, too – you have the option to kayak in Alaska’s snowy fjords or even fly over Hawaii’s active volcanoes! Ain’t that amazing?

Download the Google Arts and Culture App when you’re ready for your private National Park Tour! Available for both IOS and Android. 

Alternatively, you can also do a virtual tour of US National Parks through Google Maps. There are currently 31 tours available including Redwood National Park (CA), Shenandoah National Park (VA), Yellowstone National Park (WY) and many more!

Pitch a tent in your backyard

© Walmart

Now is definitely a great time to do some camping in your backyard. To many of us, our yard is the closest thing we have of the outdoors for now. And it could be more than just setting up your tent and sleeping in it – you can make it a truly fun experience!

The kids will especially enjoy this one so involve the whole family. Play outdoor games, eat camp snacks, star gaze, and build a campfire if you could. Later at night, the adults can enjoy beer/wine around the fire, play some board/card games or simply reminisce about previous camping trips.  Sometimes, the most fun is in the simplest things. 

To maximize your backyard tent camping experience, try these super fun ideas!

Make camp-inspired meals

© Simply Recipes

If you’re like us, you probably miss eating campfire food, too! So why not enjoy some camp food at home?

We’re not saying that you make a campfire to cook your meals. That would be too much of a hassle (you can use your grill, though!) but you can opt to make camp-inspired meals or campfire-themed desserts whenever you miss the outdoors.

You can enjoy your meal Al fresco out in the yard, with fresh air and warm sun with your  breakfast and a cool breeze and a beautiful night sky with your dinner!

You can go here for delicious camping meal ideas and here for mouth-watering campfire dessert recipes!                                                                                          

Enjoy a nature or outdoor-themed documentary night

© Erie Insurance

You’ve probably been binge-watching different shows and movies on Netflix for the last few weeks or so. You’ve seen so many that you probably have no idea what to watch next.

Make your next binge-watching sessions more enjoyable and worthwhile by watching no-nonsense films and documentaries that would help curb your longing for outdoor adventures.

We’ve come up with a quick list of awesome nature and outdoor-themed films you can enjoy:

  • The Living Desert (1953)
  • Microcosmos (1996)
  • March of the Penguins (2005)
  • Life (2009)
  • Great Migrations(2010)
  • Oceans (2010)
  • Monkey Kingdom (2015)
  • Chasing Coral (2017)
  • Jane (2017)
  • Hostile Planet (2019)
  • Our Planet (2019)
  • Night on Earth (2020)

Source: The New York Times

You can also check out these other amazing outdoor films!

Get some fresh air

Some fresh air will do you good, especially in a crisis like this. If you miss being out in nature, visit a nearby park or hiking trail, but be sure to practice social distancing.

If you don’t live near any, go out on your porch or out in yard – it would still be better than being cooped up inside the entire day. Take your meals outside, read a book, do some gardening, or simply rest and relax.

Getting some sun and some fresh air, even for a few minutes each day, is not only good for your body, but for your mental health as well!

Don’t worry – before you know it, everything is back to the way they were and you’re packing your things for your next outdoor adventure! In the meantime, just #thinkoutside but #stayinside!

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