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5 Free Camping and Outdoor Adventure Apps That Are Totally Awesome To Have

Posted by Raine Vergara on

5 Free Camping and Outdoor Adventure Apps That Are Totally Awesome To Have

One of the biggest reasons why people go camping is to relax and unwind in nature, and to disconnect from the modern technology that has taken over the world.

While it’s nice to have a few days without modern conveniences, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use technology to your advantage to make your outdoor trips easier, safer and more fun.

Outside Magazine

Bringing your mobile phone on a camping trip will prove to be more helpful than leaving it at home (given that you won’t be glued to it checking your Facebook or playing games).

It’s good to have it handy in case of emergency situations and with the right apps, from campsite finders to survival guides, it can make your outdoor adventure more convenient and enjoyable.

If you love camping or doing outdoor activities, here are some awesome apps you can download on your phone that will be very helpful to your adventures!


A very useful, all-in-one camping app that’s great to have on your phone. After downloading, you can choose a specific destination (available for USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand) wherein you will have complete access to information crowdsourced from the very helpful WikiCamps community.

You will be able to find details about the best campsites, dumpsites and backpacker hostels in a certain area or state. You can tailor your search words (like “pet friendly” or “has toilets”) to get specific recommendations. You can even connect with other WikiCamp users through the range of forums available inside the app.

All campsites in an area are plotted on a map with a list of nearby attractions, which you can download for offline use. WikiCamps also come with a digital compass.

Free for both iOs and Android

Dark Sky


One big thing that can make or break a camping trip is the weather. If you’re planning to be outdoors, it’s highly important to stay on top of the weather. Dark Sky is a great app to have to do just that – it provides down-to-the-minute hyper-local weather forecasts that are so accurate that you’ll know exactly what time the next rainfall will be.

A typical Dark Sky notification will say something like “Light rain starting in 15 minutes” so if you’re outdoors, you have that much time to get inside your tent or take shelter under your tarp.

The interface is attractive and user-friendly. The app also offers both 24-hour and full week forecasts plus animated maps for temperature and precipitation. So whether you’re going camping or just going to work, this is a very useful app to have on your phone.

Dark Sky offers a free 2-week trial then it’s $3.99 for iOs and $2.99 for Android.



Looking for an awesome navigation app? Look no further – Spyglass is a multi-purpose augmented reality GPS navigation app that offers a lot of useful features. This viewfinder serves as a heads-up display with navigation details and a smart compass with map display.

Offline maps can be downloaded which can be used to get coordinates and navigate one’s way towards waypoints. Spyglass can also be used to track a GPS location, complete with altitude and speed as well sun and stars.

Other features of the app include a rangefinder and tools such as an angular calculator and an inclinometer.

While Spyglass is a premium app on iOS ($5.99), it can be downloaded for free on Android.

Offline Survival Manual

While there are hundreds of survival apps out there to choose from, one thing that makes Offline Survival Guide a must-have on your phone is what its name suggests – it works entirely without internet connection. It’s like bringing a thick book about survival, but in a compact, very accessible package.

It is a very useful survival resource that offers in-depth information and tips about a multitude of topics about the outdoors. It provides information about building a fire manually, treating injuries, finding food and water and other important basic survival skills.

It also has extensive information about outdoor plants – what you can or can’t eat, what to do when you’re in a poisonous plant situation or even how to turn some plants into medicine.

Not only that, Offline Survival Manual also gives tips about surviving in different challenging environments such as tropical areas, deserts, seas, water crossings, mountains and more.

You might think that you won’t need half of this information since you’re just going on a weekend camping trip at a secure campsite, but the outdoors are extremely unpredictable and you never know when survival skills can come in handy.

Plus, if there’s some downtime during your trip, you can read this manual as a book!

Available only on Android

First Aid: American Red Cross


This is a must-have app for everyone, camper or not. It’s the best resource out there for easy-to-follow first aid advice for a variety of situations like insect bites, allergies, asthma attack, bleeding, burns and many other health concerns relevant to camping and the outdoors.

You can even specify your ailment – type down what bit you (was it a tick? A spider? A snake?) and you will be provided with a custom advice to treat your health concern specifically.

Other awesome features of First Aid include tips on preparing for a trip, how to handle emergency situations, quizzes to test your knowledge and a list of nearby hospitals in a certain area.

Free for both iOs and Android


Star Walk 2

Windows Central

A star-studded night sky is one the things that complete an amazing camping experience. If you plan to make star-gazing a part of your outdoor trip, Star Walk 2 is a great app to download. This astronomy guide serves as a wealth of resource about the heavens say or night, helping you identify stars, planets, satellites and comets. You can also identify the International Space Station in real time!).

Star Walk 2 also has a “What’s New” section wherein you can view updates on astronomical events like eclipses (complete with an augmented reality feature).

Lastly, you can even view how the night sky looks or looked like on a particular date, because you can go backward or forward in time!

Free for both iOs and Android

Use technology to your advantage when camping! If your phone is equipped with apps mentioned above, you will feel more ready to tackle the outdoors more than ever!

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