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5 Awesome Family Camping Hacks For A Fun And Memorable Trip

Posted by Raine Vergara on

5 Awesome Family Camping Hacks For A Fun And Memorable Trip

Camping with the whole family, especially with kids, indeed takes a lot of work. But if you're well-prepared and organized, family camping trips can be one of the most memorable trips you can ever take!

One of the most important things to remember is to have fun. If you're having fun, the kids will, too. Spending time outdoors is a great way for everyone to have an enjoyable educational experience, so think of awesome activities to do while you're camping!

For a smooth and memorable trip, follow these 10 awesome family camping hacks:

1. Arrive at your campsite before dark
Make it easier for yourself and for everyone - make it a point to arrive at your campsite at least 2 hours before the sun goes down. This is plenty of time (and light) to unload your stuff from the car, pitch your tent, get settled and even prepare for dinner.

You don't need the hassle of trying to find gear in the dark, struggling to pitch your tent with just a flashlight with the chaos of kids running around and complaining why there's no dinner yet.

2. Bring something familiar from home
Kids, especially toddlers, takes time to adjust to a new place. They're also used to a daily routine, that's why sleeping in a tent might be harder for them, especially the first few nights. To help with this, bring something that will give them the sense of home. It could be their favorite toy or pillow, their favorite snacks or if you read them a bedtime story before sleeping, do it on your trip, too!

3. Beat the heat or the cold
The weather and the temperature outdoors can greatly affect one's mood. They key is to keep everyone cool and hydrated when it's hot, and warm and toasty when it's cold. Nobody wants to hear kids complaining all night because it's too hot in the tent, or that they're too cold for any outdoor activities.

It's important to check the weather forecast for your trip and be prepared. Depending on the general weather and the forecast, bring a fan or heater for the tent, pack the right clothing and plan the activities accordingly.

Be sure to have some backup activities for when it rains so no one gets bored even if they get stuck in the tent or campsite!

4. Make a campfire
This is probably what everyone is looking forward to - spending time around a campfire. This is also the perfect time for a fun educational experience for the little ones - use it to teach them how to build a campfire from scratch - it will make them feel proud and involved and get more excited about the outdoors, plus it's a great skill to have.

Make your campfire night even more fun by preparing simple games and activities that both adults and kids will like. Don't forget the s'mores and the refreshing drinks!

Bonus: Place dry firewood under your car or under a tarp to protect them in case it rains!

5. Make the trip educational
Most kids today are fond of gadgets, video games and the internet. Use your camping trip wisely and impose a "no gadget" rule so that they can focus on the outdoor experience. Take the time to teach them some good life/outdoor skills that they can't learn at home. As mentioned above, building a fire from scratch is a great skill to learn.

You can teach simple things like tying knots and identifying poisonous plants or something more complex like fishing or pooping in the woods (it's an experience they'll be talking about for a while!).

A camping trip is a great way for everyone to just disconnect from the modern world. Kids, especially, need to go outside and just experience the beauty of nature.

Follow these awesome family camping hacks for a fun and memorable trip! Enjoy and good luck!

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